Posted by John Dycus on Oct 29, 2019
A message from Rotary International President Mark Maloney ...
Rotary Day at the United Nations, which we celebrate each November, is an important reminder of the historic relationship between our organizations. But this year's event is even more important than usual, because we are building up to the 75th anniversary of the signing of the U.N. Charter in June 2020.
You might ask, why celebrate this anniversary? For Rotary it is entirely appropriate, because we played such a critical role in the San Francisco Conference that formed the United Nations in 1945. Throughout World War II, Rotary published materials about the importance of forming such an organization to preserve world peace.
Not only did Rotary help influence the formation of the U.N., but The Rotarian played a leading part in communicating its ideals. Rotary educated members about plans to create the U.N. through numerous articles in The Rotarian and through a booklet titled “From Here On!” When the time came to write the U.N. Charter, Rotary was  one of 42 organizations the United States invited to serve as consultants to its delegation at the San Francisco Conference.
Each organization had seats for three representatives, so Rotary International's 11 representatives served in rotation. The people officially representing Rotary included the general secretary, the current and several past presidents, and the editor of The Rotarian. In addition, Rotarians from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North and South America served as members of or consultants to their own nation's delegations.
We have a deep and lasting relationship with the U.N. that deserves to be celebrated and appreciated. To recognize the relationship, Rotary will host five special events between now and June 2020: Rotary Day at the U.N. in New York on the 9th of November; three presidential conferences next year in Santiago, Chile, in Paris and in Rome; and a final celebration just before the Rotary International Convention in Honolulu.
The focus on the U.N. in the year ahead is not only about the past; it also lights a path to our future. There are so many parallels between the work we do through our areas of focus and the work of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Those goals have proven to create lasting, positive change in our world, and they can be achieved but only if undertaken with the same long-term commitment and tenacity that Rotary understands so well.
Alone, we cannot provide clean water for all, we cannot eliminate hunger, we cannot eradicate polio. But together with partners like the United Nations, of course we can.
Mark Daniel Maloney  |  President, Rotary International
• Oct. 30 — potluck dinner at Dan Morales’ house, 4304 Kenwood Court, Fort Worth, 6 p.m.
• Nov. 2 — District Foundation Gala at Hurst Conference Center
• Nov. 4 — Rotaract reunion and welcome reception for new Community-based Rotaract Club, Mellow Mushroom, 200 N. Center St., Arlington, 6:30 p.m.
• Nov. 6 — regular meeting at Angelo's, 6 p.m., program TBA
• Nov. 11 — Veterans Ceremony, greeters needed at Veterans Park, 3600 W. Arkansas Lane, 10 a.m.
• Nov. 13 — no meeting
• Nov. 20 — regular meeting at Angelo's, 6 p.m., program TBA
• Nov. 27 — Thanksgiving week, no meeting
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