The new Rotary year—our Rotary year—has begun. Now is the time for us to set to work in earnest; now is the time for our plans and preparation to be turned into action.

As we begin the tasks we have set for ourselves, I remind you all that part of our goal is also to leave Rotary better at the end of the year than it was at the beginning, which means bringing in new members and working to keep the ones we have. For that reason, I have asked the RI Membership Development & Retention Committee, chaired by Past RI Vice-President Monty Audenart, to develop a three-year membership plan that includes the following elements:

  • Recognition of varying regional opportunities and challenges
  • A focus on diversity to bring in more young professionals and women and expand the range of professional backgrounds in our clubs
  • Improved retention efforts in all regions
  • More appealing, inviting, and flexible clubs

Please click on one of the links to view a personal message from me to you, our club leaders, on this most important issue.



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